Tuesday, December 26, 2017

INNISFREE: It's Real Squeeze Mask Manuka Honey Review

Hello, my dear readers!

I wish you Merry Christmas! I hope it's not too late to wish you Merry Christmas. So I wish you Happy New Year too! Today I have a review of Honey Mask from Innisfree for you. I realized, that I wanted to make mask series, but it's just laying in my mask's box. But I want to make reviews of masks, so when I will purchase it next time, I can look at my ratings and buy just the best ones.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Beauty secret: SKINCARISMA

Welcome back, dear readers.

Recently I had many fashion posts, but now I am back at my obsession – cosmetics! Recently I found a great website called SKINCARISMA. Every time, you order cosmetics you should be careful about the ingredients. Not everyone is a genius from Chemistry classes and I have to admit, that we didn't really have Chemistry class in Senior High School of Fine arts.  For example, there are ingredients like Parabens, Coal Tar, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Oxybenzone, etc. Some of the harmful ingredients are carcinogens or some others can damage your skin. This is why you should always check ingredients before buying the products. Also, some of the ingredients were fine in the 90ties, but recently were marked as carcinogens, website like this can help you with decoding long ingredients lists :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Zaful: Red Velvet inspired Wishlist

Hello everyone! 

How are you doing? So many of my readers liked my Rosegal  I.O.I's Wishlist, that I decided to give you also Red Velvet edition with Zaful ♥

Sunday, November 26, 2017

ROSEGAL: My First Order Review

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing great! This weekend is a Black Friday? Did you buy anything? I was shopping before Black Friday and only now, I am getting all my items.

Well, let's skip to my today's review. A few weeks ago, I posted a Rosegal wishlist and now I want to show you items I've got. And tell my story. Be careful! There is going to be A LOT OF  P I N K :D

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Yoins has SALES! (My wishlist with Illustrations)

Hello dear readers!

If you want to shop, now is your chance, sales are everywhere, including Yoins! Yoins has currently Black Friday & Cyber Monday Saleshttps://www.yoins.com/promotion-yoins-black-friday-and-cyber-monday.html

And because I am kind of artist (unemployed :D) I decided to make my wishlist cute!  Yes, I made cute illustrations with my favorite picks from Yoins sales ♥ Illustrations will show myself wearing Yoins clothes, because of wishlist like a wish and list. So these clothes are my wish clothes! (Does it make a sense?) Anyway, I really wanted to do this before, but Yoins is the first post of merging my art and blogging. I hope you will like it!

So first, I went to the fashion casual dresses for women section: https://www.yoins.com/Yoins-DRESSES-c-3217.html and here are my picks!

1. Pink Off Shoulder Splited Hem Maxi Dress

Pink is my one of the most favorite colors! This shape of the dress is simply sexy and chic. I want to go to the very expensive restaurant and I want to wear this dress ♥ Also it reminds me Hermione Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Do you remember her beautiful pink dress? But this dress is more simple.

2. Black Casual Round Neck Tight-waist Mini Dress
Then I saw classic black cute dresses and I was like this is IT! Every day, for dates or to school ♥ It creates very simple look and it might be used really every day and it's easy to combine with other items thanks to its plain color and simple shape, you can add any of the jewelry or other accessories :)

3. Navy Sexy Off Shoulder Irregular Hem Dress
This kind of blue just looks perfectly royal-like! Did you notice England's royal family? They just love blue. In the past, pink was not considered as a color for the girls. Because it was too lively. So girls were usually wearing blue as well as royal families in Europe! This is why it's worth of trying look for your wardrobe :)

And then I stopped by latest cute lingerie for women:

I don't know how or why, but in our shops, I can't find such a unique lingeries for women. You have to check it!

4. Sexy Black Lace Details Lingerie Set with No Falsies
This is my last item. I like more lingeries from Yoins, but with my small illustrations, you wouldn't tell them apart as it's too small. Anyway, details of lingeries from Yoins are incredible. You can't buy anything like this in our stores. So hot, so pretty and so cheap! 

Real item's photos behind my illustrations:

Did you like this post? Which of the items from my wishlist did you like the most? Let me know! How a nice day ♥

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Do you want to see some beauty tutorials?

Your Ddalgi Nana~

Monday, November 13, 2017

PERIPEA Peri's INK Velvet #7

Dear my readers.

I apologize for being inactive but I was super busy with my VISA application. Who would expect, that it will take about a half year just to apply? Last weeks were the most hectic, but here I am ready to describe one of the most favorite brands in Korea, Peripea.


INK series are Peripea's best sellers. They started with a gothic girl illustration on it, but just like Holika Holika, they changed their concept because of the market needs. If you are company stone face girl, always dressed like fashion queen, it would be strange if on your perfect work desk was laying lip product with strange gothic illustration on it. Don't you agree? :D

Saturday, October 28, 2017

INNISFREE Olive Real Power Cream Review

Hello, everyone!

Autumn is here! And the weather forecast is promising some snow here after the weekend. I feel so cold just when I think about it! Global Warming should be taken seriously! So I don't intend to go out at all and I am writing a new post for you about a cream from Innisfree ♥


I am not gonna lie. This cream was the best buy from Innisfree ever. I had a 50% discount on it, so I paid only 10 000 won. I usually buy Canola Honey cream. But this cream had a beautiful smell, so I decided to try it! Even if I didn't use the sample before. I usually don't buy anything without sample as I am worried about damaging my skin. Many bloggers love this series, so I really wanted to try it, but I didn't have a sample, so I just bought it.

It should be deep hydrating cream, with rich antioxidant ingredients and E vitamin. This cream should give your skin energy, moisture, and a protective barrier. This cream is great for dry non-oily skin. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Get Your KPOP Look with ROSEGAL (my wishlist)

Welcome back, everyone!

Today I will show you some Kpop trends with www.rosegal.comAre you KPOP fan? Do you like Fashion? This post is for you! Because Rosegal offers many types of clothes, everyone can find something on their website! ^^
I wanted to do this kind of post a long time ago, but I never had enough inspiration for it. And you know what happened? Soon.... very soon, we will have 3rd series of Produce 101! I am very hyped. I think 3rd series will be awesome because it will be series with girls again! So I decided to make this wishlist connected with IOI!

Why? This kind of striped pattern is still extremely popular! You can see it in the music videos or fashion magazines. This kind of sweater is the best for a sweet, young and innocent look! Get a skirt to this sweater and your look will be perfect ♥

2. Don't forget stylish skirt for your striped sweater:
With this combination, you will get "chic" look into your outfit.

3. For real Kpop look, you can't skip white shoes. I picked sports looking ones:
I am not sure how this trend started, but suddenly there was a huge "white shoes boom", especially when you wear skirt or shorts :D

4. Flamenco earrings:
In summer 2017, you could see flamingos everywhere! Why to not wear one on your ears!

5. Basebal hat:
The last item is a baseball hat. It can be in a different color so you can create some contrast.

Do you feel like you can join IOI on the stage now? ^^

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Saem Marseille Olive Waterproof Lip & Eye remover

Hello dear readers!

Weather is getting cold, get some extra clothes! Today I have a new review for you. It might be interesting for people with sensitive and dry skin. This awesome waterproof lip & eye remover was found in a store, where 2 last pieces were waiting. As you know, the best items won't last for long, I've got very interested in this product!
Customers were coming and they kept asking about this item or about other removers from this line. That was even more suspicious! And it was making me sure, that I NEED to buy this product!


Some of you maybe already heard of my skin condition. I have an extremely sensitive, easily red and red skin. This is one of the reasons why brands of my reviews are pretty same. I had many testers from many brands and some made more damage to my skin. have kind of allergy reaction to everything :D
When you look at the design, it looks very friendly. There is a watercolor illustration on it and it makes you feel like it's a directly from nature. Calming green tones with soft smell of the product creates a harmony or art and cosmetics.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Play 101 Stick Selfie Kit Review

Hi, girls!

How are you doing? I am super busy recently and as I can see I've got also blogging delay. I was an ambassador in the beauty festival! I was talking about Korean cosmetics. Yes, I am spreading the word about it into the World! I even had a 1 second of fame. I was on the TV. But my schedule is extremely full, because of all my activities. I don't have time at all for anything, only my Instagram has a few new photos. I hope you didn't forget about my blog yet!


Do you know that feeling? When you see something super cute and you are like: "TAKE MY MONEY!" Sometimes I think, I started blogging just because I needed an excuse for buying a lot of cosmetics for "reviews". And that time came, again. Here it is. Selfie kit from Etude House. :'D

Play 101 Stick Selfie Kit was launched in September 2017, Play 101 Sticks are old products, but give it a little redesign, some stickers and voila, new perfect sparkling product in size of testers arrived. The magic of design.

This item should be everything you need for a perfect selfie... or not? Let's look what's inside!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: 1 SHADOW Winning Tutorial!

Hello, everyone!

First, I am sorry for the 5th post in a row about EH already. But I just won in Etude House Pick event. I put event hashtag there just for a fun and on Saturday morning I woke up into congratulation messages. They didn't really specify how this event works as not winner was announced before. So I just tried to make a simple tutorial. Now I regret that I should put more effort in this tutorial... But I decided to share it with you anyway as my tutorial was only in Korean and it was only in the Instagram post. ^^

Thursday, September 14, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Fix and Fix Fixer Mist Review

Dear my readers,

I am very sorry, as this is my 4th review of Etude products in last 30 days. Why you ask? Because I accidentally spend about 50.000 Korean won in Etude House. Yes, accidents like this happen sometimes. I thought they have an event but, in the end, there was no event so shop assistants felt my pain and anyway I asked them about 5 more times if it's truth or not. (They were not joking). But they gave me many samples in return to reduce my pain. :D
But there was very talkative makeup artist who made my basket full, including with Fix and Fix Fixer Mist! It all started with a topic about Cream Filter Cushion, that it won't last long. She showed me all other cushion foundations, but none of them were interesting for me. So said, what about using Fix and Fix Fixer? I was skeptical, but I really wanted to try it! It looked like a water.

Friday, September 8, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Dear My Enamel Eyes Talk! (Forgotten eyeshadow series)

Hello, everyone!

Today I am back with first September's review. Nature is slowly changing into autumn's palette and today I have a new review for you. This shades kind of remind Autumn, I hope you will get some esthetics feeling of happiness from my post :)) 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Sun Blind Cushion Review

Hello, everyone!

How are you doing? Summer in Korea is very strong. My face is turning into barbecue as the sun is so strong. My skin is not turning into a perfect chocolate brown, but into a very red painful skin. And it's very hard to apply the makeup when you feel that your cheeks are turning red BUT you are wearing 3 layers of foundation. And if you touch your face you put more germs and bacterias than sunscreen on your face. And you can get more acne. SPF 50 can last only a few hours, but should we do? Is there any invention which can save you from problems mentioned above?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Wine Party Shadow Palette Review

Welcome, everyone!

I can't believe it. It's just about 4 days (2nd day in the stone stores) and I am presenting you the newest palette from Etude House! I was promising myself that I won't buy a new one, but somehow I couldn't help it and here is a review!
As I mentioned above, this palette is super fresh and new! Shades are unique but yet very similar to Bloody Halloween palette. But still, this palette is more like burgundy. It has more like wine tones matching this autumn's trends. Also, this palette is suitable for a wine lover :D

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MISSHA: 7 Days Coloring Review

Welcome back. I am back, too! ^^

Since childhood I absolutely love pink. Maybe that's why I am EH magnet and go to their stores whenever I am around some. But this time I have a Missha review for you! I fell in love with their colors and I mentioned it in my wishlist, but I didn't get the courage to do it. Because I've never done it. Yes, I am kind of a coward when it comes to my hair. Because my hair is specifically weak and thin. :/ Well, I've got it because of a very nice price. Believe it or not, but there was 1 + 1 event, so I paid only 3,000 KRW for it! HA! ( I am sorry, I am discounts addicted :D)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

KOREA: COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)

Dear readers welcome back.

I apologize for being AFK, but I have a very good reason for it. My life was changed a lot and a lot of happened. On 24th of July, I came to South Korea. But right after arrival, I've been got sick. Yes, I still cough like an old man. I visited a doctor in Seoul and after 2 weeks still sick. :( 

I really wanted to visit an Aquarium in South Korea after watching The Legend of the Blue Sea, South Korean drama series. There was a scene with the Aquarium and fell in love with an idea of having a date in the aquarium! Unfortunately, the aquarium from the drama was far away from Seoul and I can't really travel far sick like this. There are more Aquariums in Seoul. I was near Aquarium in The Lotte World Mall, but they didn't have as many kinds of fishes as in Coex. So Coex won for its location.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BEYOND Herb Garden Calendula REVIEW

Hello, everyone! 

My summer is very hectic, but soon I will have a huge holiday! But for now, I am back with a mask review. For the first time, I will introduce brand called BEYOND. I didn't really pay attention to this brand as their design or shops are not standing out (like my Etude House). But I am not cosmetics racists and I am willing to try all the brands. Now as I've got their masks, I started noticing interesting details from products from their brand! Their wood design is beautiful. A little bit dark, but beautiful. It reminds me flower gardens and workers who bring flowers in wooden boxes.


Beyond is a brand claiming to be an eco beauty. Beyond believes that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisdom of beauty lies in nature. Direct link to the website: http://beyond.lgbeautymall.com/product/detail.jsp?cate_seq=574&dpid=S0018660

Friday, June 30, 2017

INNISFREE: Green Tea Cleansing Foam Review

Dear readers welcome back! 
You can't believe me, but I received a fresh diploma from my university! That's great, isn't it? Well, not really. I've been busy as never before and my beautiful plans disappeared as a fog as well. Do you know the feeling when you feel like you don't want to get up because you just know that your day will be just bad? I felt like this for last two weeks. I hope this review will help me to overcome my strange thoughts.
This item is from my spring wishlist. I just had to buy it! But, I am still worried that I will buy everything from my wishlist like last time. ^^;;

Also, you can note my painting in the photos! I used it as a background as I wanted to give you a feeling of a jungle or forest for you.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

K-BEAUTY101: Warm Summer Tutorial

Hello, everyone!

I have a great news to share! I am Bc. Nana! ^^ I hope you are doing great and I hope you are enjoying this summer~ As I missed spring because of studying, I decided to make a tutorial "Warm Summer" and name comes from warm tones used in this look. Peachy cheeks, coral pink lips, and orange eyes! I enjoyed making this tutorial and I am very satisfied with this look.

All products from this tutorial are from K-beauty101

Všetky produkty z tohto tutorialu sú z K-beauty101

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Spring 2017 Wishlist

Dear girls, 

I feel like a zombie. I hope you are doing fine ♥ or at least better than I do. I am finishing my University and it's not easy at all. This will be the only post in May 2017 as I have to study hundreds of pages, I hope you won't be angry and you will stay with me! :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Honey Cera Lip Oil & Balm REVIEW

Hello, everyone!

This night is super busy, tomorrow I have to wake up very early and travel to another country. Midnight just passed, but who cares, I am filled with energy and I want to do blogging! I hope, you will sleep more than me haha If I will post another post soon it means that everything went well with me. I need to have most of my tomorrow's sleep in the train. 
Did you notice my dreamy photos for my newest review, by the way? I used night sky's theme. :))

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Dear girls, 

I hope you are doing well. Welcome to my the most favorite topic, lipsticks! I am very busy and recently I am too busy to do my full makeup, so I stick with foundation and lipstick only. My loyal visitors know about my addiction to colors already (neverending collection of eyeshadow colors), but you should know, that I am a little bit addicted to lipsticks too. If you like lipsticks, keep reading! I hope, you will enjoy it <3

Note: this post is available in: English and Slovak! And big thanks goes to K-BEAUTY 101 for colaboration~

Friday, March 17, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Age Defense Wrinkle Eye Cream Review

Hello, girls! ^^

Believe or not, I am a worry type person. Which university student isn't in the stress? Show me the student and show me what he or she is studying because I want to study in non-stressful university. I will finish my Uni, but I will look like a grandmother. 
My specialty is to worry about unnecessary things. Like what if I come late to my exam? What if I will forget about some Essay? And this is how I've got wrinkles around my eyes. *Sigh* at least I am kind of Korean cosmetics guru and there are plenty of anti-wrinkle products!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Hello, everyone!

Today I have a special tutorial for you with K-beauty collaboration! I had a chance to choose products to make some awesome tutorial and girls, I picked best of the best! I had a love break down, cuz pigmentation and shades of liquid eyeshadows are just unbelievably hot.

So what is this tutorial about? Frist, I was inspired by this wonderful liquid eyeshadow. I couldn't believe my eyes. Silver, cold and cool. Icy Queen was the name I decided to use. Inspiration itself came to me and helped me to create this tutorial. The most difficult part of this tutorial was what lipstick's shade should I use? I really wanted a bright pink, but in the end, I decided to use dark red lipstick. Why? Because it will help to create that evil icy queen look :)

Dnešný tutoriál vám ponúkam hlavne vďaka obchodu K-Beauty 101, ktorý práve teraz sídli na Slovensku len v Žiline. Zo svojich make up produktov K-Beauty ponúka žiarivé odtiene nie len očných tieňov ale i rúžov a líceniek. Pre tento look som sa rozhodla použiť chladný metalický odtieň. Veľa ľudí sa bojí výraznych farieb, hlavne ak ide o make up, no práveže spravý oči výraznejšími.

Najťažšia časť, pri vytváraní tohto tutoriálu bol výber odtieňu rúžu. Pôvodne som chcela použiť výrazný svetlý ružový odtieň, no nakoniec som sa rozhodla pre tamvý odtieň, ktorý zvýrazní ten nebezpečne-ľadový pohľad :)


Hello, girls!

For these of you who never heard of green, purple and peach primers, why do they have such a colors and why they are not in your skin tone shade, this post is for you! 

Prečo zelená, fialová a oranžová? Divné farby primerov môžu zaskočiť, ale prečo nemajú tón našej pleti? V tomto príspevku vám aj objasním, ktorý je ten správny pre vás!

Všetko začnem asi základnou teóriou farieb. Každý ton má svoje určité vlastnosti a inak sa správa, keď sú 2 rôzne tóny pri sebe, ale ak sa prekryjú. Asi najľahšie to vysvetlím. Pre nás sú najdôležitejšie komplementárne farby. Čiže farby, ktoré spolu nemajú nič spoločné. Nevytvárajú ani kontrast a ani sa nedopĺňajú.

Monday, January 16, 2017

INNISFREE: Cucumber Mask Review

Dear my readers welcome back!

Dry skin is a huge problem, which I am trying to handle myself. You feel like your skin not so elastic anymore and you might experience also tightness with every move of your face. This is one of my the most favorite Asian inventions, sheet masks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Blog in Year 2016 - I will Miss You!

My dear readers,

the year 2016 passed too quickly and I want a few more weeks in 2016 as I feel that it wasn't enough for me. How to start this post today? This is not a review, I will be more talking about the background of blogging and you can learn one or two things about me! :) 


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