Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Blog in Year 2016 - I will Miss You!

My dear readers,

the year 2016 passed too quickly and I want a few more weeks in 2016 as I feel that it wasn't enough for me. How to start this post today? This is not a review, I will be more talking about the background of blogging and you can learn one or two things about me! :) 

First of all, thank you for staying with me! That's one of my biggest successes as people are reading my posts. My blog is not having a big family yet, but I hope I could reach 1000 followers on Instagram by end of 2017! Is it even possible? I will write a similar post in 2017 and let's see the difference!
Let's start with my efforts on my blog. Maybe you noticed that I am not posting as often as during my first year of blogging. That's because of this whole sns carousel and followers hunting. I wanted to find new people who are interested in cosmetics (blogging friends) and I have to say, that I met amazing people and even some fans! But sad thig is, that I couldn't find really a partnership for my blog. All they ask about are numbers. "You want to work with us? How many followers do you have?" After the last question, I start smiling and start talking about my nice photos in my blog - avoiding followers number! :D
Don't take me wrong, I don't judge follower hunters, but I don't want to be one of these. This is not why I made this blog. I wanted to spread the word about Asian cosmetics so people will be not worried about buying a wrong product from abroad. I started when I tried to find a review on a product which I wanted to buy, but there was no review on it and I wanted to give review on products to the community back. So I hope my blog helped you at least once :))

Many bloggers mentioned unfollowers lately. These hit and run people are chapter for a whole post only about it. I had 3 or 4 times 400 followers on my Instagram last month. And I am asking myself why did they unfollowed me? Are they haters? Are they desperately needing followers? this issue went even more viral after bigger bloggers started to complain and then I realized that it became kind of Instagram lifestyle. Now it's kind of funny story for my friends, how I can get 400 followers 3 times in a month :D

I am very happy that my blog survived all these things I didn't give up yet!Ah, and I almost forgot - a very short announcement about starting blogging about hanboks (Korean traditional costumes DIY and making process) and traveling! I would like to spread my blog from only about beauty to lifestyle, travel and maybe Korean cuisine? (Believe it or not, I am bigger expert on food than on cosmetics :D). My Instagram is already merged into all these things and it's not bad at all! :)

Thank you for reading! What happened to you, how are your blogs? I wish you the best for 2017 ♥

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  1. Wish you all the best in blogging in 2017 :)
    Polina | Beauty Addicted

    1. Thank you, happy New Year to you, I am wishing you all the best in blogging for you too! :)

  2. My best wishes to you in this 2017
    For me 2016 was enough of everything


    1. Thank you for stopping by~

      Have a nice day and thank you for your wishes, have wonderful year 2017! ♥


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