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Hello, everyone!

Today I have a special tutorial for you with K-beauty collaboration! I had a chance to choose products to make some awesome tutorial and girls, I picked best of the best! I had a love break down, cuz pigmentation and shades of liquid eyeshadows are just unbelievably hot.

So what is this tutorial about? Frist, I was inspired by this wonderful liquid eyeshadow. I couldn't believe my eyes. Silver, cold and cool. Icy Queen was the name I decided to use. Inspiration itself came to me and helped me to create this tutorial. The most difficult part of this tutorial was what lipstick's shade should I use? I really wanted a bright pink, but in the end, I decided to use dark red lipstick. Why? Because it will help to create that evil icy queen look :)

Dnešný tutoriál vám ponúkam hlavne vďaka obchodu K-Beauty 101, ktorý práve teraz sídli na Slovensku len v Žiline. Zo svojich make up produktov K-Beauty ponúka žiarivé odtiene nie len očných tieňov ale i rúžov a líceniek. Pre tento look som sa rozhodla použiť chladný metalický odtieň. Veľa ľudí sa bojí výraznych farieb, hlavne ak ide o make up, no práveže spravý oči výraznejšími.

Najťažšia časť, pri vytváraní tohto tutoriálu bol výber odtieňu rúžu. Pôvodne som chcela použiť výrazný svetlý ružový odtieň, no nakoniec som sa rozhodla pre tamvý odtieň, ktorý zvýrazní ten nebezpečne-ľadový pohľad :)

For English speakers:

1. Use that kind of primer, which suits your skin tone the most. (My choice: Touch in Sol - Dark out)

2. You can apply concealer with dots, then blend it. (My choice: The Saem - Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01)
3. You can use Cushion foundation as a top layer, Cushion will make face flawless without marks. (My choice: The Saem - BB CUSHION 01)
4. For eyebrows I recommend pencil with triangle shape. (My choice: Touch in Sol - Brow Expert Bar)
5. On your eyelids - you can apply liquid shadow and it will stay all the night untouched! (My choice: The Saem - Water Eye Ting SV01)
6. Use provocative "cat eye line" and your look will be significant. (My choice: Touch in Sol - Style Black Gel - Liner)
7. Let's focus on eyelashes. Let's start on the outer line of your upper part - use the most of the mascara there and use mascara softly on the other eyelashes. (My choice: Touch in Sol Stretchex)
8. For lips I used vivid lip shade which will contrast with the whole face. (My choice: The Saem - Kissholic Lipstick M RD01)

This post is merged with a beauty secret://Tento príspevok je spojený s tajomstvom krásy: https://ddalginanabeauty.blogspot.com/2017/02/beauty-secret-1-magic-of-primers.html

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Have a nice day~

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