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ETUDE HOUSE: Age Defense Wrinkle Eye Cream Review

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Believe or not, I am a worry type person. Which university student isn't in the stress? Show me the student and show me what he or she is studying because I want to study in non-stressful university. I will finish my Uni, but I will look like a grandmother. 
My specialty is to worry about unnecessary things. Like what if I come late to my exam? What if I will forget about some Essay? And this is how I've got wrinkles around my eyes. *Sigh* at least I am kind of Korean cosmetics guru and there are plenty of anti-wrinkle products!


I was in the main Etude House store in Seoul with a full basket of their products and a very talkative ajusshi gave me tons of samples. One of them was anti-aging cream. Recently I started getting wrinkles. So I tried this cream sample and I was really surprised! Now comes the embarrassing part, actually I used that cream as an eye cream :D The face cream sample had too perfect thick texture, I like mostly thick creams as I have very dehydrated skin. I was thinking like if this cream is so good, how would eye cream work like from this line?


Face cream didn't really do a magic to my wrinkles, but it was well hydrating and helped my eye area with firming. But this eye cream is a serious magic! When I woke up next morning it even "sucked" my eyebags away, my skin was visibly repaired! I am very careful with this eye cream, I use it only once/twice a week because it's too strong. I don't really use anti-aging products and I am only 24, maybe that's why it works so well for me.

I really like slim tip dispenser, it takes out only a little amount of the product so you can save some money by not spending the product immediately.

Now the sad thing comes... manufacturing of this item was stopped. I think it's seriously a shame, but I had to make a review of this item as I think it's really like a miracle.. at least for me! :)


Design 5/5 
Five points for slim tip dispenser! :))
Promised effect 5/5 Product is very strong, use wisely. The product is meant for wrinkles, I don't recommend to use this product on a very young skin.
Price 4/5 It was about 20 USD, what is not that bad, but not the cheapest.

Zhrnutie (SK):

Dizajn 5/5 päť bodov za dizajn!
Sľúbený efekt 5/5 Produkt je veľmi silný. Používajte ho s rozumom a hlavne nezabúdajte na to, že tento očný krém je určený na vrásky, takže ho nepoužívajte na mladú pokožku.
Cena 4/5 Tento krém stál okolo 20 dolárov. Čo nie je zlé no ani najlacnejšie.

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I hope you enjoyed my review, make me happy and comment me if you have/had wrinkles at a young age.

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  1. I like that works because is a bit pricey in comparison with other brands and products. I need an eye cream too. Thanks for this review


    1. Hi, Sakuranko! Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day~ I hope you will find a good eye cream :)

  2. Wonderful and perfect! I follow you blog, please follow me too. http://alamodenatine.blogspot.com

    1. Hi dear, I am already your follower. Have a nice day~

  3. Wow, I never knew that Etude has this defense wrinkle product! I want to try it too but you said that it has discontinued, so sad :(( Hope they will release the newer version! :)



    1. Yes, it's a big pity. My mom wanted me to order one for her. I will try to find similar product next time :)

      Thank you for stopping by~

  4. I've always read so much great reviw about etude, but sadly my skin tone never seems good with korean products. LOL

    1. I am sorry to hear that! But never give up, who knows what kind of treasure you might find in K-beauty ;))

      Have a nice day~

  5. lovely post ♥



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