Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Spring 2017 Wishlist

Dear girls, 

I feel like a zombie. I hope you are doing fine ♥ or at least better than I do. I am finishing my University and it's not easy at all. This will be the only post in May 2017 as I have to study hundreds of pages, I hope you won't be angry and you will stay with me! :)

Item #1: ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Blossom Palette

I missed this spring as I was too busy. When I came out to the daylight all flowers were gone. So I am wishing to get this beautiful palette. It contains lovely pink and brown shades for your cute looks. I love design of this palette, it's like they included all flower's colors of spring into one palette!

(SK) Keďže som zmeškala jar, chcela by som si ju pripomenúť s paletkou inšpirovanou jarou. Má odtiene ružovej a hnedej pre rozkošný vzhľad.

Item #2: INNISFREE Green Tea Cleansing Foam
I've got a sample of this miracle cleansing foam and I was super surprised! I didn't have high hopes as I didn't like Apple Cleansing foam at all. It was just drying my skin, but it had a beautiful smell. Sample from Green Tea Cleansing Foam didn't dry my Sahara skin and my face was glowing ♥ I still have Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam but this is my serious Wishlist priority!!!

(SK) Vzorka nesklamala a bola som príjemne prekvapená. Moja tvár žiarila a pena na tvár nevysúšala a zanechala moju pokožko čistú a hebkú. Určite si výrobok kúpim, keď miniem penu Perfect Whip!!! ♥

Item #3: MISSHA 7 Days Coloring

Who doesn't like unicorn hair, brushes or nails? Become unicorn with Missha! It's non-permanent hair dying, lasts 100% about a week. I am into it as I saw Red Velvet's MVs. It looks so cool ♥ It also helps your hair and you can wash it off with water.

(SK) sedemdňová farba na vlasy od Misshi, vizerá úžasne a po zhliadnutí videí Red Velvet som zamilovaná do týchto farieb!

Item #4: THE SAEM Sweet Thai Body Mist
Summer is almost here and this body mist can't let me sleep. I tested this mist, it smells like a heaven! So sweet and yet yummy. It works like a mist, it can be used as a freshener during hot weather to cool down your skin and lastly it might work as a fragrance which will last for a few minutes. The Saem offers this mist as oil x water combo or only water type.

(SK) Sprej s náhhernou exotickou vôňou, osvieži, hydratuje a na pár minút i rozvonia. Predáva sa dvojfázový s olejom i čisto na vodovej báze :))

How do you like my wishlist? Would you like to get something from it? Let me know ♥

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Have a nice day~

Your Ddalgi Nana ^^


  1. That palette looks so beautiful! Totally on my wishlist now too :)

    1. Wow Stephanie, that's great! :D Have a nice day and thank you for stoping by~

  2. Hi Dear! Keep fighting for your study ;)
    Actually the EH palette and Missha 7days Coloring are my wishlist too. But I'm afraid couldn't buy that hair coloring because my hair is in damage now :(
    Nice sharing!

    Please visit my new post:

    1. I understand, my hair is in the very bad state too. However it looks so cool ♥

  3. good luck with your studies! i'd love to try the missha 7 day coloring but currently my hair is under treatment, i might have to wait a while :(

    let's keep in touch!


    1. Thank you very much, Mellie! Yes, I think I need some treatment for my hair too. I hope your hair will get better ;)

  4. I also want that inisfree green tea cleansing foam! High five to our wishlist!


    1. Thank you, Ayu! I checked your make up look. It looks great :))

  5. Excellent post! I follow you,please follow me back

  6. Great post! ♥


    1. Thank you very much! Have a nice weekend ;)

  7. Fantastic products! I'd like to try it!

    1. Thank you very stoping by and have a nice day~

  8. Interesting post and products really liked ❤
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥ Subscribe to your Blogger
    Julia Shkvo


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