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BEYOND Herb Garden Calendula REVIEW

Hello, everyone! 

My summer is very hectic, but soon I will have a huge holiday! But for now, I am back with a mask review. For the first time, I will introduce brand called BEYOND. I didn't really pay attention to this brand as their design or shops are not standing out (like my Etude House). But I am not cosmetics racists and I am willing to try all the brands. Now as I've got their masks, I started noticing interesting details from products from their brand! Their wood design is beautiful. A little bit dark, but beautiful. It reminds me flower gardens and workers who bring flowers in wooden boxes.


Beyond is a brand claiming to be an eco beauty. Beyond believes that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisdom of beauty lies in nature. Direct link to the website: http://beyond.lgbeautymall.com/product/detail.jsp?cate_seq=574&dpid=S0018660

Promised effect

There is not much info about this mask. Calendula herbs soothe irritated red skin and help skin remain clean. It's a 22 ml classic sheet face mask used after washing the face and after using the toner. To be honest, I don't know this flower at all. I used to have a similar flower like this when I was a child, but only the color of this flower was similar. So I wasn't really sure about this mask. But this mask's promised effect sounded just too cool! So I decided to try it and write a review for you and share my experience.


There is some fragrance however only a little bit, it has a flowery herbal scent. The texture of the liquid inside is medium thick I would say high quality. It has a calming effect. It soothes the skin and leaves it cold and hydrated. You can also get the mul-gwang effect (skin is glowing with hydration). I used remaining liquid for my legs and even after a few hours, my skin feels hydrated and extremely soft!

However, I am n
ot really into the mask shape. Mask was very long. I would say it is a medium quality shape. However area between my nose and lips was falling down. The sheet mask is very thick and texture might be a little bit rough. Also, in the photo, you can notice that I didn't really have enough space for my eyes.

Note: Skin might be a little bit sticky!!!


Design 4/5: 1 point down for the mask shape.
Promised Effect 4/5: Mask calmed skin down, but don't feel like irritation is completely away. But it has yet one of the best hydrating effects!
Price 4/5: Price is about 2USD.

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  1. I haven't tried this brand yet but the packaging looks professional. And yes, agree with you that it's hard to find mask sheet that fits our face :)
    Thanks for the review


    1. I agree, packaging looks very pro designed! But I don't understand who are they making masks shape for :DD

      Have a nice day~

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  3. the packaging looks beautiful! i might en up buying it because of the packaging hehe


    1. Your last review looks fabulous! Mask shape is very important. Thank you for stopping by~ ^^

  4. Great post, dear! :)

    Visit my blog -> www.innisall.blogspot.com

  5. Oh, I know this brand ( thanks to Kim Soo Hyun ) but never really try any. I don't really like that sticky feeling, but I really love if it could make my skin hydrated! Hmm, I think I should go get one now, thanks for the review dear :)



    1. Thank you for visiting :)) Yes, stickiness is not good, but hydrating effect is great. Have a nice day~


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