Sunday, September 16, 2018

My First Order with Dresslily

Hello everyone!

Happy Chuseok in advance if I will be too busy. I finally (almost fully) moved to Korea. I have like trillion clothes. I paid all my life savings to move here, but voila, I did it somehow and 4-5 suitcases stayed in my old house. So my first package from Dresslily arrived. I was so excited. They have so many clothes to choose from and there were discounts, what was even better! So today I will introduce you 3 tops from Dresslily!

White Sweater

This sweater is very warm during wearing. What I like about it is high neck so it can protect you during a strong winter. It's a one size and to me (tall European) it suits perfectly. It can be used in many styles, white is a neutral color and the pattern looks cozy and universal. Description says that it can be used for Fall/Spring, but I think it can be used during winter too.

This sweater is also one size. I loved this color and I had to get it. I was a little bit disappointed about the size. It was fitting so so and also sleeves were a little bit short, so I decided to style it with shirt. It was looking much more better but still a little bit tight. I am size S-M in EU. But in the end it looks pretty cool I think. Very good for every day wearing.

I was surprised by this item the most. I just didn't expect it to be so perfect. It fits just great and looks great too! Material is stretchy and non polyester feel. I am sure it will look great during slightly cold autumn ♥

I hope you liked my review. My review was 100% honest. If you have more questions, please let me know. Have a great day everyone ♥


  1. Thanks for the cool ideas!
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Second sweater is like amazing !!



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  4. I love the white sweater the most! You look so pretty anyway! <3



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  8. Oh very cute sweater darling


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